Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC) AMC

AMC (AdvancedMC) is a PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group specification (PICMG AMC.0 and PICMG AMC.x, respectively) for hot-swappable and field-replaceable mezzanine cards.

AdvancedMC represents the industries next generation mezzanine standard. In addition to providing hot swap capability, intelligent platform management (IPMI), greater potential power/size, and the other enhancements made possible by AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC is intended to help customers take advantage of the performance enhancements of new, fast, wide-bandwidth serial buses, including PCI Express.

TEWS Technologies is expanding its industry leading embedded I/O product line to support the next-generation open-architecture standard. With its background and log-term experience in interface products based on IndustryPack, PMC, XMC, CompactPCI, PCI, PCI Express, PCI Express Mini Card, VMEbus, PC104+, AMC, MicroTCA, and FMC industrial standards, TEWS is growing its product range with the introduction of AMC (Advanced Mezzanine Card) modules.

AMCs are designed to work on a carrier card (primarily AdvancedTCA) and can also be plugged into a backplane directly as defined by the MicroTCA specification.

Especially the latter offers attractive possibilities for industrial grade COTS systems with improved Reliability, Availability, Serviceability and Performance.