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11/01/2016 16 Channel Thermocouple/RTD/Strain-Measurement TXMC590

The TXMC590 is a standard Switched Mezzanine Card (XMC) compatible module offering 16 channels capable of measuring thermocouples, resistive sensors like RTD and thermistors, and strain gauges.  Released as an extension to TEWS growing portfolio of XMC modules, the TXMC590 is designed for industrial control, telecommunication infrastructure, medical equipment, traffic control and COTS applications. 

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09/14/2016 PCI Express XMC Carrier TPCE278

TEWS increases its product portfolio of PCI Express carriers. The TPCE278 is a standard height PCI Express Revision 3.0 compatible module that provides one slot for a single-width XMC module. The TPCE278 is a versatile solution to upgrade well known XMC I/O solutions to the PCI Express signalling standard used to build modular, flexible and cost effective I/O solutions for all kinds of applications like process control, medical systems, telecommunication and traffic control.

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05/25/2016 PCIe Mini Card TMPE633

TEWS TECHNOLOGIES announced today a standard full PCI Express Mini Card with a user programmable Xilinx Spartan-6 LX25T FPGA. The TMPE633 is designed for industrial, COTS, and transportation applications, where specialized I/O or long-term availability is required. It provides a number of advantages including a customizable interface for unique customer applications and a FPGA-based design for long-term product lifecycle management.

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